The Next Generation Repower Kit for Hagglunds BV206

The NGR repower kit can also be purchased and installed in Canada

Repower Kit Engine Repower Kit Transmission

2.2 CDI Next Generation Repower Kit

(Options same as 2.7 CDI, see list)

Complete with all necessary parts and components for installation of the powerpack.

Mercedes Benz Diesel Engine OM651

  • Direct injection with Common Rail system, 4 cylinder, 2.2 litre
  • High boost pressure turbocharger
  • Custom Hellgeth ECU for 185HP, 450Nm
  • Generator 24V Starter 24V, belts, diesel filter, brackets
  • Modern high air flow fan, fan clutch, fan housing and seal
  • Fan drive system
  • New hydraulic steering pump and pump drive system
  • Complete new cooling system, new radiator, new hoses and lines
  • Intercooling system (air to water system): consisting of heat exchanger, water circulation pump 24V, radiator
  • Transmission

  • ZF 6HP electronic control 6-speed automatic gearbox, torque converter for higher torque
  • Lock up clutch with elastic coupling & drive shaft to transfer case
  • Mode selector for gearbox control, including electronic control
  • Electric & electronic system 24V consisting of high water E-box with internal brackets for:
    - Engine control unit, gearbox control unit, sets of fuses with fuse brackets, set of relays
    - Connectors from inside to outside of E-box
  • Wiring harness consisting of:
    - Wiring from engine to ECU, wiring from gearbox to ECU
    - Wiring from gear selector to ECU including accelerator wiring, including pre-filter wiring, wiring for inside E-box
    - Wiring for instruments, connectors for wiring
  • Instruments replaced by multi info display with warning functions. Switches partially replaced by modern switch cluster.
  • Accelerator pedal
  • Fuel pre-filter unit (racor) with electric pump and fuel heater
  • Battery system with batteries

Totally rebuilt vehicle Hellgeth: Hagglund 2.7 CDI Model

(Options listed separately)

Hagglund 2.7 Hagglund 2.7 Hagglund 2.7 Hagglund 2.7 Hagglund 2.7 Hagglund 2.7 Hagglund 2.7
  • Basic vehicle, 4 door version
  • Ex BV 206 or petrol vehicle
  • Total disassembling of vehicle – cab/track assembly
  • Custom paint, in- and outside, high quality, includes complete dismounting of bodywork and mounting
  • Paint according to customer need, colour RAL
  • Colour inside light grey RAL 7035 or any other RAL colour. (Excluding RAL luminescent paints - only as option)
  • Conversion to diesel engine OM612.981 direct injection with Bosch Common Rail System
  • 5 cylinder, 2.7 litre, watercooled intercooler, VTG turbocharger, with standard ECU for 163HP, 400Nm
  • New Mercedes engine, new Mercedes Benz electronic controlled 5-speed automatic gearbox for higher torque
  • Adapted shifting specs, new torque converter for higher torque
  • Lock up clutch engages automatically at higher revs avoiding power loss of the torque converter
  • Shifting in automatic modus, or in manual modus (+/-) (=Tiptronic)
  • Electric and electronic system complete 12 volt
  • Includes digital cockpit for multi info and warning functions
  • New Inox steel exhaust system. New air intake system with filter sensor
  • New cooling and intercooling system. Maintenance kit
  • Overhauling the components and parts which were not renewed during previous mentioned driveline
  • Installation process:
    Technical parts: brake system, transfer case, final drives, steering system, new door seals
  • Totally rebuilt track assemblies, with new Camoplast tracks, new road wheels, and new sprockets
  • All frame sections new painted
  • All rubber torsion bearings (20 pcs.) in the track girders renewed
  • Swing arms controlled and changed where necessary
  • Driver and co-driver seat, custom made by Grammer, adjustable longitudinal position and back angle
  • Includes head rest and adjustable suspension
  • Noise insulation mat